Jessica Lea Mayfield is one of my favorite artists of all time. Her songs are so grounded in reality they’re kind of hard to listen to the first time around, or the third. If you’re familiar with her music you may be thinking “BS” on a few of those songs, but even the far out ones describe real and close feelings. When I was in a particular low point of college, and my opinions on relationships, this album was very dear to me. There’s a constant battle of feeling like you deserve better, and not feeling good enough at this stage in life. Age means nothing as a young adult. By this point in our lives, everyone’s developed completely different from the next. One person could be 27 and still live with his mom and act like a teenager. That’s what made dating so hard for me. I never knew who I was having dinner with until a good two months or so of knowing them. After awhile it felt kind of useless, and I was ready to give up. Of course, that’s when I met my boyfriend now, and it’s been wonderful.


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