This Is Vaguely About A Concert


Eisley, I’m Only Dreaming Release Tour, 2017

I’m not sure how to begin this blog, or really what I’ll even end up talking about. I guess the easiest opening is to describe the beginning of my love of the band Eisley.

I was young, living through the internet (which was on a schedule thanks to having a technogeek Dad concerned I’d end up on How to Catch a Predator). I was one of those proud music Myspace geeks, and would surf for hours finding new bands with a good technique and sound. I’d put them as my Myspace song and wonder how long it would take before they had a record deal.. then I’d start all over again. I liked my music discreet and underground, but with a lot of potential. Sadly, I was also one of those kids that would fight you to the death for stealing my music. I liked this private little world I’d created, and I didn’t want to expedite their fame any more than necessary. It was a complicated, somewhat convoluted philosophy… but I was bored with nothing else going on.

That’s when I stumbled upon “Telescope Eyes” by Eisley. Even though they’d already had a record deal by the time I discovered them, I admitted them into my discreet music library. The sound was just so beautiful to me. I grew up on a LOT of folk music, and the sound was such an interesting blend of all of those comfortable loves with new indie rock. I set “Telescope Eyes” as my MySpace song, and began growing with every new album the band released. By the time they’d lived the struggles I was going through, wrote an album about it, and then released the album I was in a similar place. I went through some of the toughest life challenges of my whole life during those years, due to a series of family deaths, family almost-deaths, friend’s family’s deaths, and the usual turmoil one feels when coming of age.

All of these memories and feelings come alive when I listen to older Eisley, even now. I’m somewhat obviously a steadfast believer in acknowledging your shortcomings, and documenting your past. Now I’m going through a whole new sphere of feelings as I gear up to begin adulthood.