Greenlight – Lorde

This song’s been on repeat all morning.

Lorde’s music has a way of bringing things out in me I’d forgotten. The way she phrases topics we’ve all heard before in a fresh new light always draws me in and keeps me.

This time I’m reminded of all of the heartache I remember, how I got over it. I burned a lot of items, watched the words written float up to the sky, ran from how I felt. That’s the only time I really struggled in my life. I lost three beings that had been the most important in so little time, the ebb and flow of my emotions lost me.

One of my go-to metaphors are rocks in a stream. The water is rushing around you, lifting me (the rock), carrying me miles downstream in a few minutes. The current slows, as does the speed of the rock, until gradually the current drops the rock to the riverbed. When I hear this song, when I remember that time, this is what I feel and hear. Varying currents, strides being made, losing momentum, wanting to be free of the rhythm.

I hope she found her green light.


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