Hadrian’s Wall Thoughts & Ideas

I kind of wanted to try something new (to me anyway) in this post, and discuss a few thoughts and ideas about my current reading. For the past few years I’ve maintained a casual interest in graphic novels and comics, but not necessarily superhero-centric stories. Especially after the onslaught of marvel movies, I can do without usually. I read for the art of the novel. I love pictures that grab me, and stories that hold me.


Released 9/14/2016

Hadrian’s Wall immediately peaked my interest due to the title. I’m a bit of a history enthusiast, especially about that time because it determined so much of modern civilization. As a fun little side note, my ancestors were part of the forces the Romans were trying to keep out. In the novel, Hadrian’s Wall is a space ship. Why you ask? I have two theories.

  1. The events that occur on the ship will determine much of modern civilization
  2. The ship’s secret mission has something to do with keep rebels out of government resources.

Pretty simple theories, I know. So much of this novel is still cloaked in mystery, with issue #5 coming out at the end of March. I haven’t read any of the author’s COWL series, and therefore can’t give you much more than ideas for where the series will lead you.


From Issue #2, Released 10/19/2016

Now, let’s discuss my hands down favorite character.. Annabelle. She’s a Chemist from Earth, who doesn’t take shit from anybody. Simon (the interrogator in this scene) was previously married to Annabelle, but over time he began to seriously slack off as a husband. Many of the fans who write in and are published in the back of the book talk about how relatable Simon is, and how hard it must be for him to go through obsessing over his ex-wife when she’s moved on…. I don’t like those letters. Simon is dreadfully close to being a classic narcissist in my eyes. During his flashback scenes to their marriage, he’s always discussing how hard his life is while leaving her high and dry. Simon’s so neck deep in his own problems he doesn’t seem to care about anyone else’s, truly. I can’t put an ounce of blame on Annabelle for wanting out of that relationship.

What I do question is how exactly does she feel towards Simon, the miserable lump of a man addicted to pain killers? Why did Simon’s ex-best friend, Annabelle’s deceased husband, shoot him four times? Why is this man now dead?

Simon seems to consistently return to the idea that Annabelle murdered her current husband, but why? I respect the author more than to chalk up her motive to her being a vindictive woman, when he’s done so much writing about how miserable Simon was at being a husband. Part of me wonders if she did kill her husband, did she do it for some greater cause? To protect Simon? Earth?

If you guys find this as interesting as I do, check out the comics available here.


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