Off Diet


Morning Muffin, Grapes, Cheese Biscuit, & Extremely Satisfactory Coffee

My diet (no more than 15 g of fat in a meal) has been temporarily put aside due to some personal life changes. This did leave room for me to grab a lovely inexpensive breakfast at a local bakery. The muffin was my particular favorite. I’m a little bit of a muffin fiend, and have missed them for a long while.



Bagel Love


Smoked Salmon Bagel

So, I’ve started a low-fat diet. At first, I was a defeatist about the whole thing. Each meal cannot contain much more that 15 g of fat. Everything I love seemed to be covered in some type of oil or fat. The other day I took a stop at the cafe, and fell in love. When my days include such delicious food as this, without excessive fats… I don’t hate the diet as much.

The parmesan bagel is in fact buried under all of the greens (: