Forest by System of A Down



Off Diet


Morning Muffin, Grapes, Cheese Biscuit, & Extremely Satisfactory Coffee

My diet (no more than 15 g of fat in a meal) has been temporarily put aside due to some personal life changes. This did leave room for me to grab a lovely inexpensive breakfast at a local bakery. The muffin was my particular favorite. I’m a little bit of a muffin fiend, and have missed them for a long while.


No Wishbones


I love the direction SikTh is taking with their newer music. This is a deep track that addresses the feelings of helplessness when exposed to other societies and cultures less fortunate, while keeping a realistic profile of our own culture.

Show Yourself

Each new album from Mastodon hits me as progressively more relatable, as well as sticking to the idea of concept albums. Tracks like “Ember City” and “The Motherload” definitely had a stronger foot in reality to me than previous albums. I’m not opposed to this at all. I believe that even after all of these years, Mastodon proves over and over again there’s always room to grow. Of all the progressive metal giants, Mastodon is my long time favorite for the past 10 or so years.

Bagel Love


Smoked Salmon Bagel

So, I’ve started a low-fat diet. At first, I was a defeatist about the whole thing. Each meal cannot contain much more that 15 g of fat. Everything I love seemed to be covered in some type of oil or fat. The other day I took a stop at the cafe, and fell in love. When my days include such delicious food as this, without excessive fats… I don’t hate the diet as much.

The parmesan bagel is in fact buried under all of the greens (:

Everything Changed


This song hits me strongly when I’m going through the valleys in life. Especially through this point of rapid change, I value the idea of being present. Whether that you have good vibes or bad vibes, you’re human, and presently you may not be okay. This song doesn’t seem to shy away from “bad vibes” to me. Instead of sweeping negativity under the rug, you face it.