Half God Half Devil

Hey guys,

Long time no see. I’ve been focusing a lot on my school work and self-improvement this summer, and it’s working out pretty well for me. I hope everybody else’s summer is going well too (:

While sitting on a bunch of different personal improvements I’ve been trying to make, the new In This Moment album came out. I have to tell you guys, it’s amazing.


  • Joan of Arc
  • River of Fire
  • Roots
  • Half God Half Devil
  • No Me Importa

I had the chance to see them live too, and let me tell you… it was the BEST show I’ve ever been to. In This Moment’s Maria has so much stage presence it swallows the entire venue. She even stopped the song to call out a rude mosher, and subsequently won our hearts.

If you guys get a chance, I highly recommend seeing them live!

I’ll be working on more posts once I recover from my writer’s block,

so I’ll see you guys back here soon. ❤



Valentine’s Day

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day, though I’d hardly admit it to anyone. I love doing things for the people I love, and I also appreciate a good sappy movie with some accompanying chocolate. When I was young my dad would bring me back some small trinket for Valentine’s, of which I loved immensely, probably beginning my love of the holiday. Even as an adult I prefer smaller presents. My favorite Christmas present was a box cutter, in all honesty (it’s so convenient!).

Presents aside, Valentine’s is also a holiday of reflection. I take a moment to consider all of the ones I love, and how I could be a better person to them. Self-reflection is a valuable part of my life, and always has been. I’ve kept a consistent diary since I was 11 years old, and looked over the pages to remind myself we all grow and change. Writing things down has also given me the ability not to lie to myself… It’s easy to throw aside what an old friend or family member says you did, not so easy to throw it aside when it’s written in your own handwriting. Usually, I’ll take a moment and look over the pages, just to keep myself humble.

This year I didn’t look over my diary.

When a loved one goes through their first family death, I’m reminded of all my loved ones that have passed, or that I’ve watched wither away.
Unfortunately, the worst part about being the youngest of your generation on both sides of the family is that you see death much younger than anyone else. I’m awkwardly old enough to know the meaning, awkwardly young enough to live my adult life without them. Now in my friend group, I’m usually the only one to have seen someone close to them die. Usually, someone would say I should use this to help someone else, but that’s just not how death works. You can’t warn someone. You can’t show them. All you can do is nod and promise to be there.

Even sharing my experience becomes too much for me sometimes. I have a terrible time letting go of anyone I love, let alone something as permanent and long lasting as death. What hurts me more than anything is my memory of them fading, and forgetting what life feels like with that person in your life. Every time I lose someone, I immediately sit down and write everything about them. I don’t want to forget a single detail of their life. Not everyone else is so connected to that idea, thus making it hard for me to console people who aren’t like me.

These emotions and memories have left me in a strange place. As a result, my nonstop song this year was The Hunter.

“All the love I’ve shown, given to the ones I’ve known. All the love I make, is equal to the love I take.”

No Wishbones


I love the direction SikTh is taking with their newer music. This is a deep track that addresses the feelings of helplessness when exposed to other societies and cultures less fortunate, while keeping a realistic profile of our own culture.

Show Yourself

Each new album from Mastodon hits me as progressively more relatable, as well as sticking to the idea of concept albums. Tracks like “Ember City” and “The Motherload” definitely had a stronger foot in reality to me than previous albums. I’m not opposed to this at all. I believe that even after all of these years, Mastodon proves over and over again there’s always room to grow. Of all the progressive metal giants, Mastodon is my long time favorite for the past 10 or so years.

All Time Favorite Song

While this is my favorite song, and has been for several years, it isn’t necessarily my most played song. A lot of progressive/symphonic/djent metal brings out more emotion in me than other types of music. I have to choose when to listen to this song because it’s so moving.

I’ve been getting feedback from the newbies to metal that they can’t understand the lyrics, so I’m going to include them. I’m including sourced lyrics, so if they aren’t 100% please maintain your composure.


Get me off, whatever your on,
Or decided to be yourself,
Let go of my beliefs,
Fought for my doses,
And come into my dreams as this dies,
I’ll only ever know my self

Carry this on to the ones that lost their way,
I’m right beside you,
Every time you need a hand there I’ll be,
Right beside you, you now

Unnotice me, your reservation is deadly,
Defiling all that is in me,
You tried to choke out my process,
But ended up taking damage,
The cycle never ends,
You’re kicking and screaming my name
Spinning into oblivion
We’re in you’re heart and
For some reason it’s not uplifting you,
If this is like a point of view

You’re gonna get me off,
Whatever you’re on

Carry this on to the ones that lost their way,
I’m right beside you,
Every time you need a hand there I’ll be,
Right beside you, you now

Let me go away, I know that you won’t stay,
Please, forgive me, I didn’t know,
I’ve got my finger on the pulse

Please, forgive me, I didn’t know,
I’ve got my finger on the pulse, now [x2]

Oooohhhh ohhhhhh

You said goodbye, so long, I’ll see you when its over

I know what you, what you were thinking,
How could he take apart, MY SAFETY [x2]

We’re not the ones, we’re not the ones,
Keeping you down, we’re not the ones keeping you down

Carry this on to the ones that lost there way,
Right beside you, you
Every time you need a hand there I’ll be,
Right beside you, you now